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Insurance No Response

Let our agents follow-up on insurance claims that require status updates from insurance companies.


Free up your staff and let us handle setting, rescheduling, and canceling appointments.

Insurance No Response

Sometimes insurance companies lose claims

Insurance companies sometimes lose claims or they get lost in the system. A no response claim generally means you have not heard from the insurance company regarding the claim within 30 days.

Our agents are masters at navigating long insurance phone systems and getting a status or resubmitting claims. Our agents are masters at getting information on claims and navigating an EHR.


Affordable plan no matter the size of your practice

Less than 50 claims a month


Per Claim

51 - 100 claims a month


Per Claim

101 - 499 claims a month


Per Claim

500+ claims a month


Per Claim

Extra fee of $35 per month applies to this plan unless a web-based phone system is provided.


Using Surge's main call center systems you can have a dedicated line to scheduling patients. let your patients have access to 24x7 USA based agents and create, reschedule, or cancel appointments.

How an Outsourced Call Center Increases Profits

Our Pricing Packages

Brand New Call cneter


Per Agent Per Talk Minute

Only charged while we talk with a patient

This plan is for practices who do not have any kind of system in place. This plan includes all software and tools as well as the development of policies and procedures.CONTACT US

Client Provided Systems


Per Agent Per Talk Minute

Only charged while we with a patient

Does not include any tools or software. Everything must be provided by the client, we only supply the agents.CONTACT US

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