3 Things You Can Do to Get Your Customers Gabbing

Many organizations spend millions of dollars making the best advertisement campaign; some smart organizations use another tool that is much more effective and easier i.e. the word of mouth from their customers.

Has It ever occurred to you how you end up at the shop you are shopping from right now? was it a shopaholic friend or one of your family members who just went to a place that had a 50% off signboard? Or that friend of yours that never stopped gabbing about her experience? Or that family member had a great influence on your brain cells that you had to visit that shop. Well, yes this is exactly how the word of mouth works.

Ted Wright wrote the definition of Word of mouth in the book Fizz: he said, in order to get the best outcome, organizations should coupe the power of the word of mouth with the brand growth drive:

“Identifying your influencers and coming up with a story that is interesting, relevant and authentic that ladders back to qualities of your brand and then sharing that story as much as possible.”

WOMMA, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, defines it as

“Any business action that earns a customer recommendation”

Word of mouth is a strong influencing tool. As a matter of fact, it is more influential than other marketing tools. Nielsen found out that there are more than 84% of people around the globe who trust the word of mouth by their family of friends.

So, organizations must reach out to attain and sustain their customers to get them loyally gabbing about their products. Honestly, no one likes a fake seller! Out of the many methods let us consider 3 things a business owner can do to get their customers gabbing about their products.

  1. Be Creative, Crazy…. Think out of the box
  2. Reward users that recommend your product.
  3. Have a strong competitive advantage
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Be Creative, Crazy…. Think out of the box:

Word of mouth can be generated by being extremely creative doing things out of the box and different from others:

  • Couple your brand with another
  • Do affiliate marketing
  • Be out there
  • Never be out of stock
  • Always do things different than others
  • Keep challenging your own status quo

Reward users that recommend your product

The customers who are loyal to your products and recommend to others must be treated differently and given unique attention. After all, they are generating business for you!

  • Give away coupons
  • Discounts on products
  • Occasional gift cards
  • Additional services
  • Try the new thing first

Have a strong competitive advantage

Having a strong competitive edge can be beneficial in many ways. This keeps your customers intact with your business & gabbing about your products & services. Here are some of the key factors to be considered carefully when presenting:

  • Easy & clear two-way communication
  • Detailed representation of the product by the salesperson
  • The easy buying process for your customers
  • Keeping the promise
  • Be transparent


Word of mouth is a very strong means to make the brand image of any company good or bad. This tool is often used by small businesses that have an identified niche and a focus targeted market to increase sales of their products or services. It is important for such organizations to keep their customers happy and in return, they get ultimate loyalty towards their business.

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