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New regulatory initiatives, technological advancements in payment and credit management, and shifts in consumer behavior and demographics are disrupting the market and transforming the way financial services firms compete. The leaders of tomorrow will require a new competitive differentiator – the customer experience. We offer integrated customer experience solutions to help firms acquire, grow, retain, and serve their customers.

Financial Services Solutions

The finance sector is full of regulations that require strict compliance and Surge Contact is able to fully meet these regulations.

Inbound Customer Support

Let your customers call in and get the information they need.

Fraud Reporting

From calling your customers to inquire if a purchase is legitimate to letting them call in about unknown charges customers of today demand immediate resolutions to their problems.

Online Banking

From setting up their account to being locked out having a human touchpoint makes a world of difference to customers.


All of our solutions are custom to the client so if what you need is not here please use the form below to get in touch and see how we can help.

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