Find the right hire for your business on your terms

Hiring is not easy. So let us manage it for you. SurgeRecruiting can cut the time it takes to staff your role and ensure you bring the right hire in. We’re your advocate in the job market, helping you entice top talent. Breathe easier knowing you’ve got the best agency in the business by your side.

Dedicated Recruiter

We will match your needs to the best recruiter who knows your industry and what the candidates are looking for in your industry.

  • Get the attention of top talent — we promote your role and business.
  • Expand your talent pool by reaching candidates not actively job searching.
  • Reduce your time to hire.

Reduce Hiring Cost

Most of our clients only pay after a hire is made and our price is capped at 10% of the candidates first year salary or $100 whichever is greater. We also guruantee a candidate for 30 days with a full refund no questions asked.

Vast Network

We give you the best choice of hires by making sure the best people see your role. We are able to reach more candidates than you can on your own, thanks to our extensive talent and partner networks.

Paid Job Boards

Since we hire in bulk we have partnered with various job boards that offer us various discounts as well as premium placement, allowing us to get your role in front of more eyeballs then you could get posting to the same job board alone.

Top Candidates Only

According to a survey we asked clients in 2018, their average job posting received over 100 resumes, often time without a single viable candidate. With our processes you will only get the applicants who have been screened and interviewed by us before you ever see them. Meaning you will only see the top 10% of candidates instead of 100 useless resumes.


Contact us to have a recuriter reach out and develop a custom hiring solution that fits your needs and business.

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