Differences Between Seasonal and Temp Workers

With the evolution of the work environment, there has been a shift in how employers approach the hiring component. What this has resulted in is a dynamic workforce consisting of different types of employees hired based on need, financial availability and workload. Based on that today, one of the categorization of employees is that they may be full time, part-time, temporary and seasonal employees. From a general perspective, the benefits enjoyed by this group of employees reduce down the line respectively. Today however, this article will focus on the latter two types of employees, that it, seasonal and temp agency workers.

The difference between seasonal employees and the temp agency employees may appear small because they are in some ways similar. A seasonal worker is one who is called upon during certain special seasons due to prevailing circumstances that necessitate hire of extra personnel. On the other hand, temp agency workers are temporary workers also hired to do a job but on a short-term basis.

From the definition, both sets of employees work part-time although the former is more limited to specific times while the latter can be called upon anytime. They both enjoy small benefits compared to the full time and the part-time workers. That said, seasonal workers can be differentiated from the temp agencies workers along the following lines.

Period of employment

While the temp agency workers may be called upon to work at any time by the hiring agency when work that suits their qualifications becomes available, seasonal workers, on the other hand, are limited to seasons when there is a particular or overwhelming need for a given set of workers for instance during peak shopping seasons like holidays.

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Nature of the work

Seasonal employees are hired on arrangements where they are meant to cover for the permanent or full-time employees. This means that they may be called upon to work during the time when the full time employees are on a break, have taken leave of absence or have worked longer shifts that warranted breaks. On the other hand, the temp agencies come in to fill a gap of an absentee employee or one away from work temporarily so that their job does not suffer. They may then be retained as either part time or full-time worker e.g. a temporary teacher.

Hiring approach

For the seasonal employees, they may be hired through an agency or directly by an employer through advertisement. Temp agency employees on the other hand, MUST be hired through an agency. As a matter of fact, the employer does not incur any cost in hiring. Instead, the hiring agency is paid by claiming a share or percentage of what the employee is paid by the employer.

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