Understand key moments

With customer experience as a key differentiator for companies, customer journey mapping has become an essential component. Effective journey mapping enables companies to visualize the customer experience and become more customer-centric in their approach.

Customer Experience Mapping

Our customer journey mapping consultants will help you streamline the customer experience by identifying pain points customers have in accomplishing their goals. In addition, customer journey mapping tools aid in blending historical and real-time data to provide customer insights to make interactions more productive.

Understand your customers
and their preferred channels
and ways to engage

Anticipate customer pain
points so they can be
proactively approached

Know your target audiences better than your competitors

If you learn more about your target market than your competitors, then you put yourself in a strong position to stand out. As a starting point, our journey mapping consultants will help you build customer journey experience maps to better understand your buyer personas. The unification of real-time and historical data helps complete the picture by combining a customer’s current behaviors with their historical transactions, demographic, and psychographic data.

Find pain points in your current customer journey

Customer journey maps should be used to track the unique emotional journey of target customer groups across the entire company. Customer feedback, such as customer feelings and their point of view, is essential throughout the complete user experience. Effective journey maps must also include key moments of truth for the customer, such as customer service wait times, digital dead ends, or other pain points. These key steps can often reveal new opportunities.

Business imperatives and customer needs

Marketing and service teams have set goals and KPIs they need to reach, while customers have their own preferences and expectations. This requires a shared vision of your organization’s top priorities, as well as a clear understanding of customer needs, both current and anticipated, which will influence changes to the customer journey map and associated customer processes.

Customer data and technology

In this section of the map we define the basic building blocks of the customer profile that will help us to continually tailor our interactions with individuals. This includes data from lead sources, second- and third-party data sources to expand the profile, as well as first-party data captured during the course of sales, service, or digital marketing interactions.

Learn what drives customer engagement andunderstand the customer journey

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