Mega Otter Studios is a game studio who focuses on mobile and PC games. They are a small team of 5 people based in Florida and come from a variety of backgrounds.

How Surge Incorporated Was Used

The types of services that was used and why.


Used to drive downloads to the client's apps and gain more reviews in the appstores.


Used to respond to user emails as well as collect feedback and create self-service articles.


Used to create a website to drive app downloads and sell services to other companies.

Gain Customers

Drive Downloads

Keep Players


GOAL: Player Retention

The client's chosen customer service option is email based support. Through email based support they keep cost low and allow the agents to really dive into issues one customer at a time. Email also allows an agent to get to know customers more in-depth and be able to better serve them as individuals.

After switching to SurgeContact their player retention jumped from 15% to 30% within 2 months and up to 60% in 1 year. Profitability increased by 20% as well after players realized they could get human help at the click of the button. Just the fact there were humans answering made the players more confident in making purchases.


GOALS: SurgeMarketing was utilized to meet the Following: App Installs, App reviews, and Website visits.

Mega Otter Studios

Social Media

Used to increase exposure and interact with potential players.

Mega Otter Studios

Targeted Ads

By targeting ads we ensured only the client's demographics were shown ads, decreasing ad spend and increasing click-through rates.