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Affordable Call Center Solution

How we are different

Our customized approach makes support worry free. Whether you need general answering services, or high-end customer service to support a specific product, we have the solution.


Surge has a unique recruiting process. We only hire employees that have a “Sunny Attitude and an Entrepreneurial Mindset” meaning great attitudes that exhibit great effort.


Security, privacy, and efficiency is built into any software we utilize with 30% of all our tools built in-house on our own servers.


Your team is dedicated to only your brand. From our branded bespoke trainer led training programs to production, the agents only work for your brand and your customers.

Simple Pricing

No hidden fees of any kind. Just select which of our 2 plans describe you best and that is all you pay. The price includes everything including taxes.

I have nothing myself


Per Agent Per Talk Minute

This plan is for businesses who do not have any kind of customer service in place. This plan includes all software and tools as well as the development of policies and procedures.

I want to expand my current customer service


Per Agent Per Talk Minute

Does not include any tools other than live chat software, phone software, and or email software. All processes must already be developed and your own software provided to us.

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