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We are constantly adding more companies to expand our abilities to help businesses grow
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Just look at some stats from 2018 to see why we are the best

Customer Contact Centers

SurgeContact handles over 100,000 customer interactions every hour for our clients.

Marketing Campaigns

In 2018 SurgeMarketing clients saw an average ROI of 4:1 delivered in digital and acquisitionsales benchmarks.

App Store Downloads

SurgeDevelopment developed 2 mobile games  in 2018 with our partner studio Mega Otter Studios that achieved over 10,000 downloads for Android.

With over 500 employees spread throughout the world, we have the lowest turnover rates in the industry

Internal Promotions
Left the company within 90 days

From start-ups to large enterprises we have experience with them all

Clients with less than $100,000 in revenue a year
Clients with more than $100,000 in revenue a year

What do our customers say about us?

After using SurgeMarketing our app downloads have increased by more than 10,000%! My account manager Miley has always been available when I needed her and the 24-hour self-serve dashboard really calmed my nerves about how campaigns are going.

Kusuri Kodomodo

Mega Otter Studios

(This message was translated from the clients' original language of Spanish to English)

We started out using Surge Contact to handle live chat requests on our website but, before we knew it Surge Incorporated was also handling our online ads and even redoing our client funnels to close more deals.

Olive Harper

User Scenario

I was skeptical at first about outsourcing our outbound customer convenience calls but boy am I glad I did. SurgeContact has been a lifesaver for my business and I now even have reviews about how these convenience calls were the difference between a 1-star and a 5-star review!

Jeff Wise